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Are litigation landmines waiting to go off in your workplace, community organization, church, or school?  The Medlock Group knows that where there are people, there is conflict.  Our staff of ADR professionals inform employees and employers of their workplace rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. We will  also mediate and/or arbitrate your disputes without costly litigation, and train your employees.  

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The Medlock Group

As an "employee" have you been wrongfully terminated, denied promotion, or unfairly harassed in the workplace?  As an "employer" do you provide your staff with regular training, such as EEOC Compliance, Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Confict Resolution, Certification, Mediation, and/or Professional Development Training?  

The Medlock Group was formed in 1999 by Jocelyn Medlock-Price, a retired EEO Investigator and Educator.  She realized  during her 40+ year career that most people never forget how someone made them feel.  They know when they are being treated unfairly but don't understand how to navigate the EEOC process, and/or lack the funds for proper legal representation.  In addition she saw first hand how employers lost money in costly litigation, because of their lack of knowledge on employment laws and training their employees.

The Medlock Group specializes in providing our clients with various types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)  processes.  We are comprised of experienced EEO Advocates, Mediators, Arbitrators, Professional Development Trainers, and Educators. We know how to help our clients navigate the EEOC Process, diffuse landmines in the workplace and other places without costly litigation.  We also provide employee/employer training that will help eliminate conflict within!   

ADR processes are not only needed in the workplace, but in other organizations as well.  With this in mind we also provide our ADR services to community organizations, schools, churches, landlord tenant disputes, civil disputes, family court settlement cases, and much more. 

How we can help?

EEO Consulting Services and Compliance Training

Mediation Services and  40-hr  Basic  Mediation  Training

Professional Development Training  Seminars

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What our customers are saying

I was harassed and terminated from by my manager in retailiation for filing a sexual harassment complaint. The Medlock Group assisted me in getting my job back with back pay and transfer to another department. 

Deborah George