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Why you should hire us?

The advantages of all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) over litigation are: confidentiality, 

flexibility, speed, less stress and lower cost.  Another advantage to hiring The Medlock Group is that we give employees and employers the option of resolving their disputes in-house before resorting to costly litigation. 

The Medlock Group specializes in mediation, arbitration, ADR and  Professional Development Training.  We bring disputing parties together and help them reach win-win agreements.  Disputes ranging from Workplace, landlord/ tenants, family and divorce, churches, schools, community/

non-profit organizations, etc....The Medlock Group is your preeminent choice to help you reach voluntary win-win agreements at the earliest opportunity.  

Our Team

Meet our highly experienced staff.

Stacy Medlock-Printers

Retired EEO Investigtor, Mediator, and 

Professional Development Trainer

Jocelyn Medlock-Price

Retired EEO Investigator, Educator, Mediator, and Professional Development Trainer

Adrian Fuller

Mediator and Arbitrator

20+ years


30+ years


20+ years